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About Us

Behind every serious photographer, every note collector, every watch collector is Mr Mighty electronic dry cabinet box that continuously work 24/7 in crazy humid Singapore.

Serious or not, if you do not protect your electronics and your valuable lenses from fungus with an electronic dry cabinet box, count yourself lucky to have found us.

As a budding photographer myself, DryBox.com.sg was founded to make dry consumer cabinet boxes more affordable. We primarily source premium end models(Digital Hydrometers). We also promise a credible local warranty program and a sound long term service and repair strategy to enable a lasting business model.

As a registered Singapore Company since 2012, you can be assured we'll continue to be here for you.

Hiniso, Andbon, Forspark, Ruggard are brands manufactured from our supplier. 

Digi-Cabi, i-Cabi, Huitong and Fujie are brands manufactured from a different supplier.