Dry Cabinet Set Up

Now you've taken delivery of your brand new DryBox.com.sg dry cabinet, what's next?

Here's a quick 30 seconds guide to set up your Dry Cabinet!

As some units are heavier, we recommend you cut out the cardboard box from the bottom and vertically lift the cardboard box upwards. This will keep the unit grounded. Remove, recycle the packaging.

  1. Locate the power adapter. Door keys and instruction manual(usually located on the bottom shelf of Dry Cabinet for majority models). Hiniso Online Manuel
  2. Move Dry Cabinet unit to desired location.
  3. For larger units, the handle needs to be re-screwed(a regular Philips screwdriver will do). We screwed it inwards during shipment to prevent scratches and compact shipping.
  4. Units are generally wiped down and glass is polished before packaging, but if you would like to give it additional quick wipe. Do it now.
  5. Adjust shelves to desired height.
  6. Plug in adapter, connect to back of dry cabinet and switch the power on.
  7. At this point the dry unit will turn on. Press light to turn on and test the light(Hiniso Digital models). Press again to turn off.
  8. Press set button twice, the numeric value will blink and use the up and down buttons to set desired humidity. Press set again to confirm selection. Tips on humidity setting to use here.
  9. Press and hold the "down" button if you'll like to decrease the intensity of the LED panel reading. Press and hold again to increase the brightness.
  10. With the door closed. Monitor for 30 minutes to an hour, if the humidity continues to decrease(droplets blinking). Your dry cabinet is working as intended.
  11. Pack your gear, equipment, etc into the dry cabinet.
  12. Close the door, and depending on your humidity setting, in general it will take about 3-6 hours for the unit to bring the humidity to desired setting. Items may impact duration as there may be additional moisture in items(handbag leather, etc) that will require more time to reduce the generally humidity.
  13. Patience, it will take a bit of time. This is normal as it consumes very low electricity. The humidity will hold within +/- 2RH to your setting. At times of atmospheric changes, air con, etc, humidity may increase a few due to very slight condensation of the metal housing, but not to worry, our units(Digital) are automatic and will auto adjust.

Any further questions, please feel free to drop us a note!