Safety Mark

Our 3 pin AC/DC adapters carry the Singapore Safety Mark and have been certified by Singapore Consumer Protection Safety Authority.

Certificate Number: 200618-12 &  200497-12 


Our adapters voltage are 110-240V, thus they are suitable for use in all countries.

Safe Home with the SAFETY Mark



Q: Are all distributors in Singapore Safety Mark approved?

A: No. Only Digicabi/PaRiSilk, Samurai and DryBox SG uses Singapore Safety Mark approved adapters(please get in touch with us to update this list).

Together we respect safety and have spent additional resources to obtain this safety compliance. TK Photo, Alan Photo and SLR Revolution are non-compliant distributors.

Please refer to Enterprise Singapore for more information.

What happens if we use a non-approved AC/DC adapter?

As a consumer the biggest risk is causing a fire hazard by using non-approved adapters, where fire insurance might not cover the full amount of damages and might open you to civil lawsuits in Singapore.

For Government sector and local businesses, this is not allow as it's a requirement for all tenders and building insurances to be compliant with the laws in Singapore.

What happens if we purchased from a non-compliant supplier but want to now use an approved adapter?

We suggest immediately stopping the use of your dry cabinet. Disconnect your adapter and engage us for a consultation or to purchase our approved adapters.