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  • Installation services would be an additional $12
  • Dispose your old dry boxes with us for $15
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    Get it the next working day with our express delivery services which only costs an additional $9.

  • Non-express orders would take 2-3 working days to reach you.
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    All of our dry boxes come with 5 Years on-site warranty

  • Warranty covers all electronics parts. ie: Dehumidifier module, power adapter and electronic panel.
  • No additional registration is required. Warranty begins on day of delivery.
  • For additional 1 year warranty, please purchase here

    Kindly try troubleshooting here

    If the issue persist, please WhatsApp us at +65-8875-0798, alternatively you can drop us an email at tessa@drybox.com.sg

    Storage & Care information

    Musical Instruments

  • Musical instruments such as violins and guitars consists of a wooden chassis and wood is a hydrophilic material, what this means is that wood has a special affinity for water. With Singapore's humid climate, your instruments is likely to soak up unwanted moisture and this will affect the aesthetic and acoustics of your instruments.
    Check out our guitars and violins catalogue here

    Micro-chips, semiconductors and other precision or engineering related parts

  • These parts may be a small part of an equipment but they should not be neglected as they are essentially the ‘Brains’ of the machine. As such, extra care should be taken when dealing with these items as the slightest moisture could potentially damage them. To prevent these risks, these parts should be stored in a dry box during the pre-production process.
    Check out our industrial series catalogue here

    Designer bags or any other valuables

  • Sweat is part and parcel of a being a Singaporean due to the high humidity our tropical climate has to offer. We may get used to it but our precious bags or valuables may not. As such, this might result in mould growing on your beloved items. Yes you can definitely employ bag cleaning services to clean them but be prepared to fork out a couple of hundred dollars just for one bag. So instead of spending unnecessary money and time, consider investing in a dry box to store ALL your prized possessions. Protect your bags and save money! Checkout our Leather Handbag, wallet and scarves category
    Check out our recommended models for Leather Handbag, wallet and scarves catalogue here
  • Recommended Settings Items
    60%-55% Pictures, money, stamp collectors 
    50% Tea


    Photographers look no further. Recommended setting at 44% for lenses and camera body/electronics.

    Guitars/Violins set at 45%

    Leather handbags generally are set within this range. Too dry and you will risk cracking. Recommend to monitor regularly apply moisturizer to maintain best results.

    44%-35% Metal without iron, semiconductors, circuit board, tungsten wire, IC card, batteries
    35%-25% Precise measures, optical apparatus, electricity, detector, lens, medical material

    Special chemical material, medical apparatus, sample, seeds, pollen


  • Please do not store any corrosive or flammable substances/products inside the the dry box.
  • Please do not place your dry box outdoors or under direct sunlight.
  • Please leave a gap of 5cm between the dry box and the wall for ventilation purposes.

  • Additional information

    Shelves are completely removable and adjustable for all models.

  • For our digital models you can simply adjust the humidity settings by pressing the up/down buttons.
  • For our analog models you can adjust the humidity settings by turning the knob found inside the dry box.
  • By design, all dry boxes boasts an accuracy of ±2% RH. For bigger models,±5% RH.
  • The temperature module only measures the temperatures based on the ambient temperature.
  • Dry boxes are unable to adjust the temperatures inside the unit and they are only capable of adjusting the humidity levels. Only humidors can control both temperature and humidity.
  • On average, dry boxes consumes less than 10 watts (W) per day.

    It costs an average of $1.60 per month, based on Singapore electricity Tariff of 22.93 Cents per kWh.