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Carousell: 200+ positive reviews (user: tessa86)

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dronemaniac - Very fast transaction. Bought the 110 model and payment through their website. Got the item just 2 days later. Tracking provided and the delivery man called up before delivery. Best of all, it was sent after office hour. Very pleasant purchase.

melvin.poon.kc - Super efficient deal. Ordered in the morning, quick comms to get the box delivered. Item looks as described, took about 3hrs to reach my setting of 40%. Temperature looks correct, reflected same reading as my room set.

Facebook: Oct 25 2018, Lau Jiasheng: I had bought the 90L dry cabinet recently and the price was very reasonable for the size. It came with a digital display and humidity control, so all I had to do was set the desired humidity level and let it do the rest. Great stuff! Highly recommended!

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