White Spots on Cigars: Causes, Solutions, and Storage Tips

White Spots on Cigars: Causes, Solutions, and Storage Tips

Cigar enthusiasts often encounter white spots on their cigars. These spots can be either plume or mold, and understanding the difference is crucial for maintaining the quality of your cigars.

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What is Plume?

Appearance: Plume, also known as bloom, appears as a fine, powdery white dust on the surface of the cigar.

Causes: Plume forms when the essential oils in the tobacco leaf crystallize over time. This is a natural process indicating the cigar is aging well.

Why Plume is Good: Plume signifies that the cigar has been stored properly and is developing richer flavors. It is harmless and can be gently wiped off with a soft cloth.

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What is Mold?

Appearance: Mold on cigars looks like fuzzy, blue-green or white patches and penetrates the cigar wrapper.

Causes: Mold is caused by excessive moisture in the cigar storage environment, often due to improper humidity levels.

Why Mold is Bad: Mold can ruin the taste and quality of the cigar. It is a sign of poor storage conditions and can spread to other cigars if not addressed.

How to Remove White Spots

  • Plume: Simply wipe off with a soft cloth. There's no need for concern as it is part of the aging process.
  • Mold: If the mold is superficial, you can try wiping it off. However, if it has penetrated the cigar, it is best to discard the affected cigar to prevent contamination.

Importance of Using a Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor is essential for maintaining the ideal storage conditions for cigars. Here’s why:

  • Controlled Humidity: Humidors keep humidity levels stable, preventing mold growth and ensuring cigars age properly to develop plume.
  • Preservation: Proper storage in a humidor preserves the flavor and quality of cigars, making sure they stay fresh and enjoyable.


Understanding the difference between plume and mold is essential for any cigar enthusiast. Plume is a sign of well-aged cigars, while mold indicates a storage problem. Using a cigar humidor ensures your cigars are kept in optimal conditions, preserving their quality and enhancing your smoking experience.