Dr Bags Professional Leather Care Kit

$46.00 SGD

Mild pleasant vanilla bean scented moisturizer to keep your bags looking and smelling good with Dr.Bags Professional Leather Care Kit. It's formula is enriched with mineral waxes and vegetable origin oils. It rejuvenates and embellishes smooth leather, patent leather and reptile leather, highlighting the colours.​The colourless formula can be applied in any colour. 

  • Clean up to 50 designer bags(or equivalent) for <$1 each
  • Suitable for leather bags, wallets, shoes, chairs, sofas, cars and accessories
  • Suitable for all colours
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Made in UK(Polishing Cloth)
  • Made in Spain(Cleanser & Moisturizer) 

Consists of:

  1. Dr.Bags DeepCleanser (125 ml)
  2. Dr.Bags Leather Moisturizer (125 ml)
  3. WREN's Polishing Microfiber Pure White Cloth (37cm square)
  4. Carrying Pouch(White/Black)

6 steps:

  1. Remove items and shake out dirt.
  2. Recommended to test on a small hidden area before using on other areas. Not suitable for sensitive leathers.
  3. Use cloth with deep cleanser in small circular rubbing motions to wipeout stains.
  4. Let dry for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Using circular motions and another corner of the cloth, apply leather moisturizer to keep leather soft and supple(flexible).
  6. Wash cloth and dry. Cloth is reusable.

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