Hiniso vs. Digi-Cabi - Which One Is Better?


Specialise in Dry Cabinets to Protect Valuables | Digi-Cabi

Unrivaled Customer Service

• Dedication to customer satisfaction

Unpleasant Customer Support

• Lack of flexibility

Reliable and Durable

• Working flawlessly for extended periods

Lack of Reliability

• Product failing within a year of purchase

6-Year On-Site Warranty

• No warranty registration process

5-Year Warranty

• Warranty card is a MUST

Free Repairs

• No additional charges within warranty period

Costly Maintenance

• Additional charges incur with no warranty card

In House Delivery Service

• Fast and Prompt Delivery

Poor Delivery Service

• Took more than a week to be delivered


Digi-Cabi Reviews:

1. " Unpleasant exeperience in Digi Cabi customer support."

Source: Hardware Zone

2. " Can last only for a year. Repair is needed and they are costly."

Source: Google Review

3. " Took more than a week to be delivered, accused me for "breaking" the product when its caused by the defect. "

Source: Google Review


DryBox SG (Hiniso) Reviews

1. " Excellent product , great customer service."

Source: Google Review

2. " When I asked for the charges, they told me no cost for the repair."

Source: Google Review

3. " Delivery person who delivered my dry box was professional."

Source: Google Review

4. " So far the DryBox service team is the Best I've come across." 

Source: Google Review