Novita Humidifier NH890 w/ 1 bottle of Air Purifying Solution Concentrate

$239.00 SGD $299.00 SGD

NH890 reliefs the impact of dry air in an air-conditioned room by improving the RH% for your overall well-being. Minimalist designed with intuitive interface, this operational ease unit blends seamlessly into your interior spaces. Complement with NOvita Air Purifying Solution Concentrate, formulated with NSF certified and EPA registered active ingredient from USA. Achieving an elimination efficiency of 99% against airborne germs, breathe well with secured indoor air quality starting today!

Choose your Air Purifying Solution Concentrate
• Citron Rouge
• Daisy Summer
• Enchanted Love
• Magical Utopia
• Paris De Stallion
• Valley Flora

Optional Product Accessory:
• Demineralization Filter
• novita Air Purifying Solution Concentrate
• novita Naturale Essential Oil Blend

Brand Novita
Series HumiPerfect
Humidification Technology Ultrasonic
Electrostatic Technology PuriSanitize
316mm x 230mm x 165mm
Empty Weight 3.2 kg
Power Consumption
Rated Voltage 220-240V~50Hz
Humidification Rate Up to 230 ml/hr
Continuous Humidification Min. 21 hrs
Coverage 180ft²
Tank Capacity 5L
Noise Level < 29 dB
Regulated Mist Volume
3 Levels
Warranty 1 year 

IMPORTANT: Novita Humidifier can be used with Novita’s specially formulated Air Purifying Solution Concentrate and Naturale Essential Oil Blend only. Warranty will not cover any damages caused by the use of other brands/types of pure essential oils/blends/concentrate or other solutions/additives.

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