48L Cigar Humidor

$1,299.00 SGD

Thermoelectric compared to compressor are quieter, vibration-free and environmentally friendlier as it do not require hazardous refrigerants. The cigar storage box utilises thermoelectric cooling to control the temperature via the Peltier effect. Note: due to Singapore's hot climate, you will have to tune lower the thermostat to achieve a lower cooling temperature.

Brand Vinocave
Cooling Technology Thermoelectric
Dimensions 62.4cm(H) x 34cm(W) x 51cm(D)
Effective Capacity 48L (~170 cigars)
Cedar Wooden Shelves 2 * shelves and 2 * drawers
Door Frame & Handle
Stainless Steel
Glass Door Dual-layered sunlight resistance glass
Internal Lights Gentle sapphire blue light
Thermoelectric Technology
Developed by CETC
Temperature Range


(Realistic in Singapore summer climate ~20°C) 

Humidity Range 65-75% RH
Adjustable Leg Levelers Legs are adjustable screws
Weight 21 KG
Warranty 2 years warranty

*Use only distilled water(not tap water) for humidors. Tap water may leave mineral deposits and contain chlorine which will clog the humidifer's pores and inhibit operation. Chemicals in regular tap water can taint the cigar quality and affect taste.

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